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Order Punjab Lottery Mahashivratri Bumper 2021

First Prize of Rs 5 Crore which is guaranteed in the public

Second Prize (10) Rs 11 Lakhs

Draw date 12-03-2021

MRP 500 + 90 Rs for Postal and Packing Charges

Paytm Number & Calling Number 8968950011

Whatsapp & Calling Number 9888600312

Order Online Punjab Mahashivratri Bumper Lottery
Punjab state lottery

Buy Online Punjab State Dear 2000 Bumper Lottery

First Prize Rs 5 Crore 

Second Prize (10) of Rs 10 Lakhs 

Many More Prizes 

Draw date 06-2-2021

MRP 2000 without Postal & Packing Charges

Order Online PB Dear 2000 Monthly Lottery

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Types of Bumper Lottery Schemes We Deal In

Punjab state lotteries, Sikkim State Lotteries, Goa State lotteries, Bodoland Derby Super Lottery (Monthly Lottery) and Nagaland state lotteries. We have only whose Bumper Lotteries which are runs under the Government Scheme and Singh Lottery is a retailer of Bumper Lottery, working from last 20 years.

Under Punjab state lottery

– Punjab State Diwali Bumper Lottery is the most selling Lottery scheme in Punjab. Similarly, anyone from India can buy Lottery from our website without any issue. Moreover, we sell bumper lottery in India from this website via speed post/Courier.

– Punjab State Diwali bumper lottery is a Trusted lottery and in this scheme, First prize that is (2) of Rs 1.5 Crore is guaranteed to the public in sold tickets Moreover, the 2nd prize that is (5) of Rs10 lakhs and many more attractive prizes and for more details visit Punjab state Diwali Bumper lottery 2020.

– Punjab State Diwali lottery is a very famous lottery which runs under the scheme of Punjab state lottery department. In Punjab Diwali lottery there is 2 series A/B and have 1st prize guaranteed lottery scheme and Many more attractive prizes for more details visit the page of Punjab state lottery scheme.

Under Goa State lottery

– Goa State Rajshree Everest Monthly Lottery is available and we are selling through our website in all over India via Speed post/Courier. First Prize 51 Lakh, Second prize Rs 10Lakh, third prize (100) of Rs 9000 and many more attractive prizes for every possible detail visit Goa state Rajshree Everest Monthly Lottery.

Under Nagaland State lotteries

– Nagaland state Dear May Day Bumper Lottery and Nagaland state Summer Special bumper lottery is available for sale you can buy easily from our WEBSITE or from PAYTM. Even anyone can buy Bumper Lottery from any state of India. These are a lottery of Nagaland state lotteries and it is a lottery run under the scheme of Nagaland government. Prize scheme: First Prize 1 crore, second prize of Rs 10Lakh and for more details visit Nagaland State lottery schemes. 

Under Bodoland Territorial Council (Assam) Monthly Lottery

– Bodoland Derby20 Month Lottery and Derby super Monthly lottery is available for sale you can buy easily from our website. Even anyone can buy from any state of India. Both Lotteries are Monthly lotteries and it is a lottery of Bodoland Territorial Council (Assam). For prize scheme and for more details visit Bodoland Territorial Council (Assam) Monthly Lottery. 

 Punjab Lottery Major Bumper Lotteries Schemes

Punjab state lottery schemes come every time on Festivals like on Baisakhi ( Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper Lottery ) on Diwali ( Punjab State Maa Lakshmi Diwali bumper lottery) on Rakhi ( Punjab Rakhi bumper lottery ) on Lohri ( Punjab New Year Lohri Bumper Lottery ) and on Holi ( Punjab Holi Bumper Lottery ) and along with that schemes, the running lottery is Monthly Lottery of Punjab State lottery as well as other states lottery schemes.

Price of the ticket depends on the scheme of the bumper lottery. We are the retailer of Punjab State bumper lottery and other states bumper lotteries too. We have experience of about 20 years.

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    Current Lottery Punjab State Diwali Bumper 2020

    Punjab state lottery Punjab state Baisakhi bumper lottery 2019 is available for sale you can buy online now. Every citizen of India can participate in the new scheme of online Punjab state Baisakhi bumper lottery. We only deal in bumper lottery tickets. Online Punjab state Baisakhi bumper lottery ticket MRP is 200/- + Rs 90 extra for postal and packing charges. Draw date is on 15-05-2019. Hurry up buy tickets now from Punjab lottery retailer. First Prize 2 Crore, Second prize 1 Crore and Third prize (10) of Rs 2.50Lakhs which is guaranteed in sold tickets and many more attractive prizes in Baisakhi bumper lottery Scheme 2019.

    Why Punjab State Lotteries?

    Punjab State Lotteries Offers 4/5 Bumper Lottery schemes. Mostly in Punjab state bumper lottery 1st prize is guaranteed to the public. But, in Diwali bumper lottery 1st prizes is guaranteed to the public in sold tickets. Mostly, the Punjab state bumper lottery is in (2) series that is A/B. It is the faithful Lottery run under the approval of Punjab state Govt lottery. So, buy now Punjab state Diwali bumper lottery.

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