Lottery Scheme

First Prize 50 Lakh,

Second prize Rs 10Lakh,

Third prize (100) of Rs 9000,

The fourth prize (100) of Rs 5000,

The fifth prize (500) of Rs 1500

Sixth prize (1000) of Rs 1000 and seventh prize (10,000) of Rs 500.

If you win any prize contact us at

Buy Online Goa State Rajshree Everest Monthly Lottery

Buy Online Goa state Rajshree Everest Monthly Lottery

Other details

Rajshree Everest monthly lottery is a lottery of Goa state lottery and it is a lottery run under the scheme of Goa government.

MRP is Rs 100 and we accept the order of 2 tickets i.e 200+90 Rs is our postal and packing charges

Similarly, we seal only authorized lotteries which run under the scheme of government.

Draw date 27-02-2019.