Bodoland Derby Super Lottery (Monthly Lottery)

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Derby super lottery book now online from our website and from PAYTM 8968950011. The full name of the lottery is the Bodoland territorial council (Assam) derby super lottery. MRP is 50Rs and we accept a minimum order of 4 tickets that are 200+90Rs for postal and packing charges. It is a monthly lottery draw date 21-02-2019. First prize Rs 17 lakh, second prize (50) of Rs 9000, Third Prize (50) of 5000, Fourth prize (50) of Rs 2000, the Fifth prize (50) of Rs 1000 and many more attractive prizes. There is a 2lakhs tickets scheme and have 5 series i.e A/B/C/D/E numbering from 60000 to 99999. Book your lottery tickets now and you can pay money online through our website or through PAYTM.